The Flu

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

On March 14, I got the flu from my friend. I did not feel sick until Sunday afternoon when I was laying down in bed watching Netflix. My stomach hurt and I had the cold chills. I tried to ignore it and take a nap, but I could not. So I told my mom and she took my temperature to see if I had a fever. When I got the results back my temperature was 103.2. 

I took some medicine to try and make the pain stop and to try and lower my temperature. I did a lot of resting and napping over the next five days because my mom did not want me to go to school. 

The pain died down three days later, but I was still coughing a lot. My mom made me recheck my temperature every four hours and take some medicine as well. 

¨I had the flu last week. It sucked but the only good part was that I got to stay home for half a week,” said Annie Gendron, 9. 

I was surprised I got the flu because I always wash my hands and keep clean. My mom would disinfect my house with wipes anytime someone was sick. So the most likely way I could have gotten the flu would be from school. My friend was sick and I had a project to do with her so that’s where I got the illness. 

The way I concluded I got the flu, would be because I had to work in a group with that friend and be around her often. Even though I kept clean and tried to prevent it, I still got it. Now I am relatively in good health but still not 100% like I was before.