Club Night

Zyaria Hatcher , Staff Writer

Club Night took place on Friday, February 26th after the boys’ varsity basketball game. It was a night of excitement and laughter as the boys took over.

 The event was hosted by the AfriCAN club. The theme was white-out and upon entrance, everyone was given a glowstick. There was an amazing DJ there for music and everybody was dancing like there was no tomorrow. 

“Everybody was having a blast, the music was amazing, and I personally enjoyed the snacks,” said Esther Parham, 11. 

There were food and drinks for sale. To get in it cost $5, and for VIP, it was $10. Anyone who purchased VIP had access to free food and drinks. VIP guests were identified by the mark on their hand so AfriCAN members could keep track of everyone. 

The songs were very upbeat and new to where most people knew them and were able to sing along to them. 

“It was super fun,” said Tori Ross, 11. “Me and my friends danced and laughed and I definitely can not wait to go next year.”

Many people had a really good time , which was evidenced by all the posts on Instagram and Snapchat accounts.