Disney Closing Due to Corona Virus

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

Most people know the Disney theme parks as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but as of now, they are not so happy. Due to the Corona virus, Disney World closed on March 15, at 11pm, and will be closed until further notice. Many guests gathered on Mainstreet to watch the last firework show for a while.

Disney World’s closing was just a day after Disneyland’s closing in Southern California. Also the Disney Cruise Line has suspended all of their cruises until April 28th. All of the Disney theme parks around the world, including Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Honk Kong are currently closed as well.


After Disney announced their intention to close due to the virus, annual passholders were concerned about the impact on their passes. Disney has announced they will move the expiration dates of their passes to account for any time the parks are closed.Disney will also continue to pay their employees, at least until mid-April.


Many people around the United States had planned to go to Disney World for their Spring Break. Due to this outbreak, most of these trips were cancelled. But some parents have been making their own Disney fun at home. A YouTube channel called, “Virtual Disney World,”  is giving people free access to enjoy some of the rides they would get to enjoy at the actual Disney Parks, in an interactive 360 degree view. Many of the rides featured are the newer attractions. They even have virtual tours of some rides which have been permanently closed.


Disney has announced special deals for guests who had to reschedule their vacations due to these closures. The deals include reduced rates and even free dining for future dates in 2020.