Lunch Club Robbery Video

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

On February 9th, Lunch Club released a new video titled “We tried to rob youtubers…” The video is 19 minutes and 33 seconds long and has a total of 62 thousand likes so far. The video contains the main seven members of Lunch Club. Their YouTube channels are, Slimecicle, CallMeCarson, Jschlatt, Cscoop, Traves, HugBoxNoah, and Ted Nivision. 

In the video the seven members go to Youtubers virtual homes and “rob” them. The way they robbed them was they would take their things and hide them in their home. When they finished filming, they would return their items. The bit, also known as the plan they will follow, was planned out, but no one followed a script.  

‘“We don’t follow scripts because we just get confused and we don’t flow well together. So we go into the bit with a general idea of what is going to happen,” stated Carson King on his Instagram Story. 

The video had a total of eight special guests. The guests include Smosh, The Mob, Pokimane, and many others. The boys of the Lunch Club would walk into their houses and just take things they liked and wanted. When they went to The Mob’s house, they walked into a room and everyone crowded around each other. Jschlatt had a crutch and smashed a hole in their wall with it. The Mob was shocked at first and the other Lunch Club members smashed holes in the wall. 

“My favorite part of the video was when Cooper, Noah, and Travis broke down The Mob’s fence to try and sneak in. Wasn’t really sneaky of them though,” said Brandon Maxwell, 11. 

Another popular part that people like in the video is when each of the Lunch Club members went into Pokimane’s room and secretly stole her things. 

“The Pokimane part was the funniest part. I literally cried I was laughing so hard,” said Dustin Meek, 10.   

Pokimane is a streamer like the Lunch Club members. She was live on Stream when they were taking her things, and her viewers were trying to tell her. When Carson King walked into her room, he took her diary and when he was running away he fell. She eventually found the missing items and got them back.