Leslie Odam Jr. Concert

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

January 31st, I was blessed with the opportunity to witness a live performance by Tony Award Winning actor Leslie Odam Jr. with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. It was mesmerizing, and I am still shaken over the experience.

Leslie Odam Jr. has been a favorite of mine since 8th grade when I was obsessed with “Hamilton.” For awhile, he has been a favorite of mine from the cast album as well. 

I was never blessed with the opportunity of seeing “Hamilton,” but on more than one occasion I have taken full advantage of the concert opportunities the ISO offers to students. For a whopping total of twenty dollars, a friend and I were able to see the concert for a discounted price. I saw Ben Crawford last year on the same student ticket price. Tickets weren’t as scarce at the time, so I got to sit in the front row, and even got to go backstage and meet him. It was a really cool experience.

I originally had plans to go with a boy, but when plans fell through, I turned to one of my best friends to go with me. 

“It was a really fun concert,” said Kaylee Johnson Bradley, 12. “I have never really been into ‘Hamilton’, but Leslie Odam Jr. is really talented and I had a fun time watching him perform.”

Leslie Odam Jr. wowed the audience with a night of original music, as well as his three most well-known songs from “Hamilton.” I was in tears at multiple points of the night, and if he ever comes to Indiana again, I am definitely going to get tickets to see him perform. 

Lea Salogna and Mandy Gonzalez finish out the Broadway and Beyond series with the ISO in April and June. I have tickets to both events, and I am super excited to attend both concerts.