To all the Boys: ps I Still Love You

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

On February 12, Netflix finally released the second film of the “To All the Boys” trilogy based off of an original book series written by Jenny Han. I am a huge fan of the movies, and even though I have only read the first book, Lara Jean has become a teenage icon that I’m sure girls of all ages can relate to. Not to mention, heart-throb Peter Kavinsky is probably every girl’s dream man. 

The first movie, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” focuses on hopeless romantic Lara Jean Covey navigating her way through her junior year of high school while also trying to cope with her feelings for past crushes. The second movie, “To All the Boys: PS, I Still Love You” finally comes through with a new love-interest, played by Jordan Fisher, who plays into Lara Jean’s conflicting feelings over her love for Peter. 

I watched this movie on Valentine’s Day with a couple of  girlfriends who also happen to be big fans of the movie. Although some might argue against this, based off of comments I’ve seen on social media, I am totally team John Ambrose. While I do think that Peter is a better match for Lara, I personally would prefer to date a boy like John Ambrose. 

I will not delve too far into spoilers, but Lara Jean had me deeply angered at more than one point in the movie. She is in love with love, and despite her near-perfect relationship with Peter Kavinsky, she finds herself chasing for the attention of another past-love John Ambrose. Yes, he is a very sweet boy, but the romantic arc of Peter and Lara Jean is not just something that can be erased with the charming smile of Jordan Fisher. Though, if presented with these two love interests, I would personally have chosen John Ambrose. This sounds contradictory, but I think that Peter Kavinksy is a better match for Lara Jean in the long run. John Ambrose is too similar to her, and I think that Peter provides a better chemistry with Lara Jean. 

“To All The Boys” is a movie series I feel that every girl should sit down and watch. Yes, it does make me wallow over what a perfect romance Lara Jean has, and even though it’s something I haven’t experienced yet, it is a different romance that presents healthy standards for teenage girls to dream of. In some of the teen-audience based TV shows I have watched, I am stuck watching on-screen couples that are toxic and dry. If I have to sit through one more toxic Archie-and-Veronica-breakup, I just might choke. 

Lara Jean is presented with realistic struggles that every girl has dealt with, and it is even something I have had minor battles with in my past relationship. What I loved most about this movie is that it teaches teens that no matter what, we always want what we cannot have, even if our present reality is perfect. We cannot chase perfection, and it is something that we have to find for ourselves. Dating is difficult because of the high expectations society has set for youth, but Jenny Han has given us hope with the romance of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. 

Though I can say with confidence that I still prefer the first movie, “To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You” makes me sad I am still single. Despite my preference, the movies are so heart-warming and present the sweetest teen-romance I’ve witnessed on screen.