Lunch Club

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

The Youtube Channel Lunch Club goes by many names, Game men, Goop, and Fart Club. Despite their many titles, they have chosen to be officially addressed as Lunch Club. All of the members of the channel also have their own solo Youtube channels. 

Lunch Club was created because everyone in the group wanted to create content together. They created the channel so that they could create things such as podcasts, videos of them messing with each other, and doing other videos. They at times even collaborate with different Youtubers and streamers. 

There are seven members in Lunch Club. Some revealed their first names, but not their last name for privacy reasons. The creator is Carson King and he has his friends Cooper, Travis, Ted Nivision, Charlie, Noah, and Schlatt. 

Carson King stated in one of his live streams that, “We at the moment have 8 videos filmed and they will be released gradually.”

The content creators host streams on their own schedules. They could stream every other day or once a week, but it depends on their streaming schedule. When they do, they raise tons of money from the people watching and donating. The money they earn goes to the videos they make and at times they chose to donate to charities such as Make-A-Wish and Team Trees. 

Each streamer does different things. Some, like Carson King, stream video games, and other members in Lunch Club stream and just chat with their audience. 

“Everytime I watch a video from their channel I die of laughter. I watch them all on their seperate channels but when they get together it’s so much more fun to watch,” said Brandon Maxwell, 11. 

On January 31, four members of Lunch Club got a YouTooz. A YouTooz is a figurine of something that represents them. Traves, Cscoop, Slimecicle, and Ted NIvision got their own released and they all sold out in under four days. If a buyer was lucky enough to get all four, they would receive a signed poster from all of the members of Lunch Club. Each YouTooz costs around $29.99. 

“I was fast enough and able to get two of the fourYouTooz. I got the Traves, and Cscoop ones. The Traves one is a dog in a roller coaster cart with his hands in the air. And the Cscoop one is a cute fish with a skateboard and a bucket hat on,” said Ally Stevens, 10.

The first official video Lunch Club released was on February 1. It was titled “Who is Lunch Club.” In the video each member introduces themselves and what their role is in Lunch Club. They are also asked how they feel about the other members and if they think Lunch Club will be successful. 

There is no set date for when another video will be released but it will more than likely be later in the month since they released their recent video early this month.