What to do When It’s That Time of Month

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

Hey Marauders! This month’s topic for “Taylor Talks” is period pains. In this article I’ll be explaining tips my fellow females and I use when the cycle gets too painful to deal with. Now usually in the beginning I go through extreme cramps and they are definitely not fun to have. I’ve had to leave school early a few times just so I can deal with them in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

The first tip is about pain management at school. I’ve been taking ibuprofen since 6th grade for my cramps, and it takes a while before it kicks in. Taking ibuprofen is generally the no-brainer of how to get rid of your cramps. Since it takes me a while, I usually have something in my hand to squeeze to distract myself from the pain. It has the same effect as a stress ball would.

The second tip is to lay in the fetal position. I do this the minute I get home from school. I change into comfy clothes before wrapping myself up in a soft blanket. It usually helps fairly quickly because it takes the pressure off of your abdominal muscles. The less tension on those muscles, the less pain you will feel.

My third tip is something I’ve recently started to do to help because my usual two ibuprofen pills don’t kick in after thirty minutes like they’re supposed to. I take four ibuprofen pills, but I extend the amount in between the pills because it’s recommended by doctors to only take 6 in one day unless otherwise directed.

My last tip is to apply heat to your lower abdomen using a heat pad, heat wrap, or hot water bottle. Heat helps muscles relax, which is what most desperately need due to contracting. 

If you have any additional tips you’d like to add, feel free to contact us on instagram @mvcurrentnewspaper.