Kesha’s New Albumn

Zyaria Hatcher , Staff Writer

Just about every kid has jammed out the the classic song “Tik Tok” by Kesha at a school dance. The early 2010’s music for Kesha was glorious, but it took a  turn for the worse with a hard fought court battle with Dr. Luke over harassment, sexual assault, eating disorder issues, and recovery time in rehab. Those painful experiences were reported to be the reason her album “Rainbow” didn’t drop until 2017. After that, it seemed there would be nothing new from Kesha.

On January 31st of last year, Kesha released her album “High Road.” It has a total of sixteen songs. The album contains lyrics with deep meaning, like the heart breaking song, “Father Daughter Dance,” that explains the absence of a father in her life.  She has already produced two music videos from the sixteen songs on her playlist. The good part of the album is that she sounds powerful, unbothered and ready to take on what she can in the world. The bad part would be that some of the music is not meant for innocent ears, but more an adult contemporary radio. It seems like Kesha is trying to connect with her old self, but failing.  

“I actually recently have listened to her new album and most of the music clashes,” said Jordan White 11. “One minute she is talking about her father and the next it’s about partying and drinking.”

I would give the album a 6/10. The songs are definitely different than the last album, but not as hip as her last ones.