Things to do in Fortville


Blake Herbert

Libby's ice cream and gifts

Piper Todd, Staff Photographer/Writer

In the small town of Fortville, Indiana, fun seems to never end. With the many shops, restaurants, and parks, visitors and residents have an abundant array of places to visit.

 Libby’s Ice Cream is one of the most popular places in Fortville. They offer a delicious variety of ice cream flavors and different kinds of gifts. Their ice cream is supplied by Sundae’s. Pop on in and try their many flavors, including Graham Central Station and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Bonsai is a sushi restaurant located on Main Street. They offer sushi, pho, and the infamous Bonsai Burger. 

”Bonsai is authentic. I love working here. The vibe from the restaurant help bring people into Bonsai. I love it here,” said Ashton Kessinger, 10.

Many of the locals like to frequent the restaurant to taste the delicious food. 

Mozzi’s Pizza is a Fortville favorite. Visitors can get many items, including pizza, calzones, hoagies, and much more. The restaurant is a family owned business. Their children attended MVHS. They provide the community with more than just pizza. 

Many people love Fortville for its authenticity, the food, and all of the fun. It’s a great place for a night on the town.P