Coronavirus Outbreak

Cade Clark, Staff Writer

An outbreak of a virus known as the coronavirus has broken out in Wuhan, China. A coronavirus is a group of viruses that forms into a disease. 

Nearly 60 million people are on lockdown in mainland China, including almost all the major cities. There have been over 40,000 cases reported globally, and as of right now at least 910 deaths according to CNN. Also, outside of China there are 91 confirmed cases and thousands being tested or in containment in 25 countries.

In the United States there are already  thirteen confirmed cases and it is causing fear among sections of the population. There are seven cases in California, one in Washington, one in Arizona, two in Illinois, one in Wisconsin, and one in Massachusetts and many more people being tested nationwide.

“It’s very scary, I think people are underestimating it because of the media’s view on it, and people are just making jokes about it and in reality it is very serious,” said by Taylor Loy, 10.

The outbreak is nearly everywhere in China, from cities to rural areas and because of that, several countries are flying out their citizens such as the US and Japan, that are located in Wuhan. One plane of citizens on January 29, from the US carrying 201 passengers has already left China and departed to California, but were redirected to Anchorage. 

To ensure protection of the staff of the flight, the front and back of the plane were completely airlocked from each other to ensure that the virus was not spread.

The outbreak is being handled seriously and countries are all taking precautions in order to be able to handle an outbreak if it occurs.