How Seniors Feel About School Ending

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

The last half of the year can be a grueling time for some in the senior class. From college applications to graduation, there is a lot on their plates. During the last half year, the seniors look forward to their upcoming future.

“I am going to miss a lot of my old friends, but I feel ready to graduate and move on with everything. I’m just very excited,” said Andie Mays.

Senioritis is a problem for many seniors as well. Senioritis is defined in the dictionary as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

“I feel lazy and ready to graduate,” said Cody Allgood.

Some still are not able to comprehend that their high school careers will soon end and they will have to move on from this part of their lives.

“I feel ready to graduate, while it doesn’t feel real, I just don’t feel like it’s actually going to happen,” said Reece Powell.

For any seniors out there, it is very important to keep grades up and fill out college applications. It is also important to make sure to take breaks and not to get burnt out by trying to be the best of the best. As long as grades are above a C level, most college admission will not be revoked.