Solo & Ensemble Preparation Story

Claire Jaques, Staff Writer

On February 8, 2020, many students of MVHS Choirs will be participating in District Solo & Ensemble. This event occurs every year, but there will be many groups entering as Group I soloists or ensembles. With these ensembles, students can enter as a duo, a trio, quartet, or a larger ensemble.

I am in a trio with Jazlynn Bitner and Lydia Jenson. We are preparing an SSA arrangement of a song titled “Linden Lea.” SSA arrangement means that it consists of women’s vocal parts, including 1st soprano, 2nd soprano, and alto. This song requires a lot of vocal independence, especially when performed as a trio.

On Tuesday, January 14th the trio rehearsed with the accompanist for MVHS Choirs, Mr. Anderson, and are excited about the upcoming performance.

“I’m excited to perform, and since the (vocal) parts are so independent we all get to be heard and we sound so good together that I’m really excited to advance to state,” said Jazlynn Bitner, 10.

“I have always been a bit nervous with this kind of stuff but I know that with practice, we will do great. It’s kind of weird to have such independent (vocal) parts, which is a little worrisome, but we sound great when we know what we are doing, so I have no doubt in my mind that we can do it. I am excited to perform,” said Lydia Jenson, 10.

With the event only a couple weeks ahead, trios, quartets, and soloists are working extremely hard prior to the performance, and are pumped for the exciting day ahead.