Andrew Barth Feldman, Saying Goodbye to Evan Hansen

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

Jimmy Award Winner, Andrew Barth Feldman ended his Broadway debut in “Dear Evan Hansen” on January 26, 2020. He was the first high school student ever to play Evan Hansen. Feldman got his role after winning the Best Actor Award at the Jimmy Awards. Most people know the Jimmy Awards by their other name, The National High School Musical Theatre Awards. He won the award for his performance as Frank Abagnale Jr. in his schools production of Catch Me If You Can. After he won, he got asked by the producers of “Dear Evan Hansen” to audition for the role of Evan Hansen. 

On, Feldman reflects on his character when he says, “Evan does so many things that are objectively wrong in the show, but they come from a place of deep, deep empathy and kindness, and he would never deliberately hurt anyone. He just wants to help, and he thinks that everything that he does, at least at the beginning, is coming from a completely wholesome place. And I think that’s really inspired me.”

“I think being in a Broadway show while still in high school would be the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Mallory McKeeman. “Even if it were a small role instead of being on Broadway as a teenager would be amazing.” 

 After his last show he will sadly hang up his blue polo shirt and the arm cast, and go into a new chapter of life, which is attending Harvard.