Yeti vs. Hydroflask

Emerson Bridgewater, Staff Writer

There are many metal water bottle brands out there, but currently, Yeti and Hydroflask have taken over most of the market. They continue to evolve in their products and sales have shown the popularity of their products. 

Yeti has been popular a little longer than HydroFlask. They have a sleek design that feels very sturdy. It revolutionized the idea of a water bottle that can keep ice cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot.

Hydro Flask is newer to the scene, but growing fast. The simple, yet effective canister has popularity with many teenagers and with kids due to the bright colors and simple look that it has.

“I bought the Hydro Flask because I heard it keeps your water really cold and I thought it looked cool,” said Bailey German, 11. 

Hydro Flask is worth about 210 million, while Yeti is worth 5 billion. While Yeti still is worth more than Hydro Flask, they have also been around a lot longer and sell a lot more than just water bottles. 

In my opinion, I believe Yeti is still the better product out of the two. Personally, I like the cleaner colors and sleek designs more than the bright colors and bulkiness of the Hydro Flask. Yeti also offers a stronger variety of products such as full coolers.