Winter Break 2019

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

Winter Break 2019 came and went in a blur of Christmas lights, festive decorations, and ringing in the new year. To start off the vacation time, “Cats” was released in theaters. Since its release, it has had a lot of mixed reviews. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” premeried the same day and didn’t get as many negative comments as “Cats.”

As it got closer to the holiday season, many Americans bought Christmas lights. At the end of 2019, it was estimated by Holiday LEDs that more than 150 million Christmas lights were purchased and that roughly 80 million homes were decorated with them. Along with Christmas lights, most Americans buy a new tree for the holiday season. According to, about 30 million real trees are sold in the US every year.

By the time New Year’s Eve came, a lot of people were ready to start the new year off right. People all over the internet started to talk about how 2020 “is going to be their selfish year” and how they are cutting off all of the “toxic” people in their lives. For many people, this is the healthiest option. A lot of the problems with the negative mindset that people have is because the people around them are hurting them instead of helping them.