MV Football: Reflecting on Success

Emerson Bridgewater, Staff Sports Writer

There are many words that could define this past season of MV football: prideful, strong, smart. But one that stands out above all would be historical. This season, MV finished with both a sectional win and a first regional win in the school’s history. It makes some wonder, what was clicking so well for this team?

“The team wanted to accomplish something no football team had done at Mt. Vernon and they kept that vision in front as they prepared each week,” said Coach Kirschner. “Senior leadership, although there was only 14 seniors on the team, they were the glue that kept everyone together.”

This was Coach Kirschner’s second year as the MV football head coach. Although there was a lot of success this year, each year is a different group of guys. 

“Each year we start fresh, although we return many starters, you have to deal with different leadership, attitudes, and work ethics,” said Coach Kirschner. “The team is currently working very hard in the off-season in an effort to finish the journey that was started in 2019 with a trip to Lucas Oil on Thanksgiving weekend.”

The success was not only seen through the accolades earned, but the players noticed the hard work Coach Kirschner put into this team.

“Coach Kirschner has had an amazing impact through the coaching standpoint, but something about him makes you feel special when he is around,” said Nicklas Howard, 11. “He really is all about putting a smile on your face. It can get tough at times but I know he is behind us no matter what.”

The team knew they were good and had a shot at doing something special, but their success still came as a shock to some of the players.

“As a team I believe we were sure to have a good run, but not as much as the one we did, because of losing a handful of starting players and not being able to have that vision built in caused the team to not see that way,” said Austin Lewis, 12. “There were a few of us who did and that helped get others on board going throughout the season.”

The MV varsity football team finished with a record of 11 wins and 3 losses as well as winning sectionals and regionals.