FFA National Meats Evaluation Contest

Claire Jaques, Staff Writer

On January 11th of 2020, three Mt. Vernon high school students were given the chance to participate in the FFA National Meats Evaluation Contest, held in Denver, Colorado. Students who choose to participate in the Meats Evaluation and Technology Career Development Event (CDE) learn about the science revolving around meat.

Students create teams, where they evaluate beef carcasses, identify specific meat cuts and identify retail or wholesale cuts of meat. They are scored for their participation and accuracy. Many students from across the nation decide to participate in this unique event specifically to aid to their possible future career interests and occupational interests, and some to simply learn about the industry and agriculture.

Throughout this process, students are challenged in many different ways, further developing critical-thinking skills, analytical skills, and effective communication skills.

Madisen Carns, Kaeden Smith, and Ruthie Lamaster, received first place in a prior meats evaluation contest held in Indiana, and then advanced to the National Western Stock Show taking place in Denver, Colorado. 

Carns, Smith, and Lamaster were stoked about being given this opportunity to travel to Denver. 

“It was super exciting and life changing,” said Madisen Carns, 11. “ I have been extremely involved in the AG program since I have been in high school, and to be able to have my work pay off in such a wonderful way was completely worth it. I have learned from this and from my time in FFA just how important agriculture is to me, and how I want to pursue it as a future career in livestock medicine.”