The Masked Singer

Zyaria Hatcher, Staff Writer

A new TV show, “The Masked Singer,” has caught my attention over the past two months. It came out at the beginning of last year, but did not catch the deserved attention from viewers until later. I first saw an episode last year when it first came out, but was not interested enough to continue watching it.

 The show is a reality television show where famous stars face off against each other in elaborate costumes and masks to hide their identities. The judges have to guess by the voice, costume, and song choice, which celebrity it is. The show is hosted by Nick Cannon and the four judges are Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke.

“When I first watched the show, I thought it was very unique and hilarious,” said Cyrus Elmore, 11. “I totally recommend watching it.” 

My second time watching the show I thought it was very entertaining, so I continued to watch it more. I recently decided to watch it again because I was reading the reviews about it and I realized missed out on what a good show it is. As the episodes progress it gets way more entertaining and will most likely have you glued to the TV screen  and craving to know who is behind the mask until commercial break. 

The show is somewhat weird, creepy, and extravagant all mixed into one from the amazing voices and suspenseful moments. From people dressed as  pineapples singing, “I Will Survive,” to unicorns singing Britney Spears hits, I found myself immediately wanting to know who is behind the mask. I would definitely say that the show has improved. I would rate it  a definite 9/10. The only downfall was that the first couple episodes were a bit of a bore.