Frozen II Review

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

Finally, after six years of longingly waiting for a sequel, Disney has at last come through with “Frozen II.” I was beyond ecstatic when the trailer dropped, and after the soundtrack was released, I was hooked on seeing the movie as soon as I could.  

I saw “Frozen II” with my exchange student, Jantje Vogt, Thanksgiving evening. Since she and I are both pretty big fans of the original, we were excited to see the new movie. Sadly, I was exposed to the plot before I had the chance to see the movie, so I kind of knew what to expect. That kind of sucked. 

Overall, the movie was pretty good, but I did have a few complaints. It was so different from the original, and while it was a good spin and I liked that it was different, I just thought that it was a little too different from the first movie. The first movie gave a deeper backstory to why the two girls grew up so isolated, and I might be overthinking a Disney movie, I just felt like “Frozen II” threw a plot at the audience with no real explanation. Nothing about the “Enchanted Forest” or the “fifth spirit” were mentioned in the original movie. 

In defense of Elsa’s character development, I was a fan of the path both she and Anna made. In the movie, Anna was a very relatable and quirky character for young girls. 

Without a doubt, the music was definitely my favorite part of the entire movie. The score was far better and way more original than the music that was in the first movie, and I still find myself listening to the soundtrack even two months after seeing the movie. All of Elsa’s songs are cool, and Anna’s emotional ballad-like song was cool too, but they finally gave Kristoff his own song. Jonothan Groff was finally given the spotlight he deserves, and I’m not even kidding when I say I could listen to that song on repeat for hours. 

“I was a bigger fan of the original to be honest,” said Lindsey Hunztinger, 11. “I did like the music a lot, I just felt that the plot was too confusing and didn’t line up with the original movie.”

Overall, the movie had a few downsides, but I was able to shrug a couple things off because of the stunning details the movie brought to the table. And in the end, it is a movie meant for kids younger than seventeen, so I can’t judge the movie too harshly.