Australian Bushfire

Cade Clark, Staff Writer

The continent of Australia is currently ablaze and suffering a major crisis in their ecosystem. Due to bushfires, a large fire is spreading rapidly across the vast outback.

The fire at first was believed to have been started by the country’s common droughts and extreme heat. Now the cause of the fire is being listed as partly human caused. According to CNN, “Police have charged at least 24 people for intentionally starting bushfires in the state of New South Wales.”

Also, according to a statement from the New South Wales Police, there has been legal action taken against, “183 people, 40 of whom are juveniles, for fire-related offenses since November 8.”

Since the fire started in September, it has flamed across nearly 38,000 square miles. There have been at least 25 deaths reported and over 2,000 homes destroyed. It is also estimated that roughly 1 billion animals such as kangaroos and koalas have been killed in the fire.

The crisis is also said to be worsened by climate change. The hot weather makes the condition worse for the fire spreading.

Day by day, the conditions of the fire are getting worse, and the hot weather is only expected to fuel the fires further.