Basketball Season Begins

Emerson Bridgewater, Staff Sports Writer

It is officially basketball season. What a start it was for MV. Cooper Galli, a sophomore at MV, hit a buzzer beater game-winning three point shot to win the game. The shot made it onto Sportscenter.

It felt great hitting that game winning shot, but after that I was thinking about our next game,” said Galli. 

The MV basketball team has started the season strong. 

“I have a lot of confidence in the team based on our early season play,” said Coach Rhoades. “They have practiced hard and really mesh well together. Some of the best positives is that they are very unselfish in who gets the points or credit for specific plays as long at Mt Vernon is the team that is successful.” 

Coach Rhoades has a lot of confidence in his team and is seeing improvement in their play. But, he still believes there is always something to improve on and room for growth.

“Being consistent on the defensive end of the floor in keeping the ball out of the lane and continuing to improve our rebounding,” said Coach Rhoades.

The next game is at home on Saturday, January 25th against Hamilton Southeastern High School.