Exchange Program


Katelynn Hexamer

Exchange Students

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

Mt Vernon has had an international student exchange program for years. The current program started in the 2016-17 school year. As part of this program, international students come to the United States, for as little as months and as long as two years. Current students are from Spain, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Columbia and Brazil. 

When the students leave their country, they have the ability to meet new friends and start a new “family,” while they are away from their actual family. They also have many rules they have to follow like not driving, drinking, smoking, and etc. Some of their countries allow them to do it back home, but since they are here, they cannot. 

There are a variety of reasons international students come to Mt. Vernon. 

Linh Nguyen, 11, from Vietnam, said, “I wanted to study here because I’ve never seen snow before, I want to develop my English skills, learn more about American culture, and Indiana is a beautiful place, with friendly, welcoming and helpful individuals.” 

“Therefore, I love staying here very much and I have decided to study here for two years until I graduate MV high school,” Nguyen said.

Blanca Frances Munoz from Spain, shares some of Linh’s reasons for coming to MV.

She came, “because I think it is to get experience and a great opportunity to learn a new culture and at the same time as learning a new language. Opens for a love of opportunities for your future and make new friends.” 

Hannah Alleblas, from Germany, also shared why she wanted to come here. 

“A guy in my family did it and I thought it was cool, and I thought I could do it. And it sounded very cool so I decided to try.” 

There are many great opportunities to be an exchange student and to even host one. Being able to experience any of this, students have the ability to meet new people and be able to explore the world.