Dresden Heist

Cade Clark, Staff Writer

Priceless jewels were stolen on Monday, November 25th in Dresden, Germany from the Dresden Green Vault display showcasing jewelry with all sorts of rare gems that were crafted in the 18th century. 

At roughly 5 a.m. that morning, two thieves used axes to break through a window, into the display room which triggered an alarm. The suspects were caught on camera using the axes to smash through the glass protecting the priceless jewelry, they then grabbed the jewelry and fled the scene. Within five minutes of being in the Green Vault they made off with at least one billion euros according to Bild, a German tabloid newspaper.

Police determined that the thieves had started a fire to an electrical box to cut the power, which affected the lights around the window they made their entrance in. Starting the fire also disarmed “the elaborate network of security alarms,” according to Jamie Ross, a reporter at The Daily Beast. After the thieves left, they made their escape in an Audi A6. Police found an unregistered car on fire, with all doors open and smelling of gas, they suspect it to be a getaway car.

This heist is the biggest heist performed since World War II, the jewelry stolen is some of the rarest jewelry in the world. For example, a 648-carat sapphire and a 49-carat diamond were among the precious gems stolen.

As of now the thieves are still at large and experts are in fear of the historic jewelry being destroyed.