Melanie Martinez K-12 Album

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Melanie Martinez is an American singer as well as a songwriter. In 2015, she released one of her most popular albums, “Cry Baby.” The genre of music she creates is usually a hit or miss when it comes to the listeners. It is pop, but the lyrics have a somewhat depressing or dark message in them. 

The song “Pity Party” on Martinez’s album “Cry Baby” was one of her top songs. It appeared on the radio and got tons of downloads on iTunes. The album was released on August 14, 2015 with a total of 13 songs. 

On September 6, 2019 Martinez released her new album “K-12.” It has a total of 15 songs. The most popular song on her album is “Show and Tell.” It is her most played and most purchased song on her album. 

Martinez also created and directed a movie to go with the music. The movie is also calledK-12.” The movie is about a girl with the ability to float and make people do what she wants who goes to a picture perfect school. Martinez is the lead role and she gets bullied because of her powers. The movie is somewhat like a musical because throughout the film they would incorporate her songs into the scenes. The film is available for free on YouTube. 

Martinez controversial to some people, some just do not like her style of singing or her genre since it is known as dark pop. She is controversial because she was accused of sexual assault. Some were quick to judge her based on this accusation and decided not to like her. However, the charges against her were false.

“I loved ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘K-12’, they were all so amazing and different from each other,” said Katie Stewart, 10.

The album, “K-12,” is unique and had its own style. I would give her album a 10/10. The songs on the album were all so different from her last album. The movie I would rate a 9/10 because of the actors. If Martinez had gotten better and more natural actors, then the movie would have flowed better. The overall music was a lot better than her last album.