Red for Ed


Miracle Williams

For those who didn't want it wait inside, many advocates marched around the State House

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 19th, schools all around Indiana were called off so teachers and school employees could rally downtown for the Red for Ed Action Day. More than 15,000 advocates for public education rallied outside the Statehouse to send a message to lawmakers regarding current issues in public education. 

Nearly half of school districts in the state were closed on that Tuesday, and Mt. Vernon was one of the many schools that held an e-learning day. 

Statewide, teachers from all regions of Indiana gathered to call for an increase in their salaries, which fall below the national average, action to remove liability for ILEARN scores, and the repeal of laws surrounding the additional externship requirement teachers must fulfill in order to renew their state licenses. 

“It was incredible to be downtown with other MV teachers and teachers from around the state who were there to voice their concern for Hoosier students and public,” said Ms. Gerbsch. “We hope that Indiana legislators will think about the realities of our schools when making decisions in 2020 and the future.”

Indiana’s teachers did not only gather to rally for their own concerns surrounding the education system, but also to rally for better conditions for their students. Kids in Indiana endure extensive amounts of testing from the state, and the scores they receive are tied back to the progress their teachers are making.

“I think it’s something really special, seeing teachers rally for change,” said Sydney Nichols, 11. “It goes to show that we, as students aren’t the only ones who want to see a better education system for a better future.”

Educators in Indiana have recognized a problem in the state’s education system, and also are aware of problems existing in the systems across America. The teachers fighting for change hope that the sea of red will inspire change in other states, and help change schools for the better.