Dogs in Halloween Costumes


Piper Todd

Dogs in costumes

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

Hey Marauders, welcome back to another “Taylor Talk.” This month’s topic is dogs in Halloween costumes. These costumes range from being adorable to looking absolutely ridiculous on the dogs. From mail carriers to baskets, the costume companies truly make them all. 

“I got my dog, Lola, a Halloween costume that made her look like a queen, and she was fine with it, except she wouldn’t wear the crown because she doesn’t like her head touched,” said Lily Duffy, 12.

Some dogs like the attention the costume gives them, and some, truly do not like wearing them at all.

“I wish I could have one of my dogs wear a costume, but I don’t think that they would like it,” said Sam Stephens, 11.

Some of the best costumes that I have seen was a spider costume and a unicorn costume. The dog that wore them looks super cute in the photos and it does not seem to be distressed about the situation. 

My dog Skylar has never put on a Halloween costume, but she has worn her fair share of hoodies that my mom bought her. She did not seem to enjoy wearing them, because at one point she managed to take one of them off of herself without my mom knowing.