?Marauder Mysteries? Episode 1 Haunted Auditorium

Claire Jaques, Staff Writer

There have been numerous accusations surrounding Mt. Vernon High School, but this one will throw students for a loop. Many students have come across frightening encounters with hauntings in the high school auditorium and music area. These scarring encounters leave students on the edge of their seats, wondering whether or not they are safe while performing.


There are stairs in the tech area next to the auditorium stage which lead to a loft-like area. There lies a couch, which has been said to dance around and perform spinning tricks. There is also discussion regarding the couch and sightings of shadows and figures moving around the stage and backstage. There have been alleged figures walking on the catwalk, making noises and whispering to performing students. Even the Band of Marauders have experienced whispers behind them as they are rehearsing.


Circle time is yet another one of the many mysteries that lies behind the auditorium. For those who don’t know about circle time, it is a tradition performed by musical theatre members and choir members. They will stand in a circle before a performance and give speeches, whilst holding hands. This sounds awfully ritualistic. It is said that if anyone breaks the circle or loses grip of hands, the performance is in jeopardy. There have been accusations that these experiences revolve around spirits or ghosts haunting the auditorium, and that the auditorium might be a supernatural location.


Choir students are few of the many with creepy experiences regarding the auditorium.

“I was in the costume shop by myself during the summer and one of the lights near the back started flickering when I walked into the room,” Bryanna Noesges stated. 

Many choir students have also claimed anonymously to have played Ouija boards in the dressing rooms of the high school, and they say they have heard stories of past deaths at the school, including a coach who died in the gym. 

Who knows if any of these stories are true, but let me remind you that this is a mystery that is still left unsolved Mt. Vernon, the choice is yours.