Ghost Wife Book Review

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Over fall break I read a comic called “Ghost Wife.” It is available to read online and is on an app called “Webtoon.” The authors name is Seajung and her most popular story is “Ghost Wife.” The book has over 9 million reads and there is a new chapter released every week. The book is still updating, so it is not complete yet. 

The book is about a girl, Liz Kim, and a ghost named Damon. One night while Liz is doing her homework, she looks out of her window and sees something. At first she does not know what it is, but upon closer inspection, she sees it is a person, or so she thinks.

 She makes eye contact with the figure and she thinks that it has something in its mouth. She thinks the ghost is eating a cat, but after they lock eyes, the ghost drops it. She falls down due to shock as the ghost climbs through his window.

The Ghost says, “Should I eat you? Or make you my wife?” And after he says that, she passes out.

Damon keeps following her and protecting her from evil spirits that want to harm Liz. Throughout the book there are multiple action scenes and the art goes amazingly well with them. Seajung has a very unique art style, which goes well with her distinctive characters. 

 In my opinion this book is very good and I would recommend people read it. It has amazing characters that develop along the story. The story also has a very unique plot as well as setting. Anyone who enjoys reading horror, romance, or comedy will love this book. 

In this comic a bunch of scary, cute, and funny things happen. It is free to read and I recommend that you do. It is very entertaining and funny to read. The rating I would give this comic so far would be a 10/10. The reason I rated it 10/10 because it has romance, it has shock and horror, and it also has funny moments.