Pewdiepie hits 100 million Subs

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

On August 25, 2019 the famous Youtuber, Pewdiepie, hit 100 million subscribers. Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is 29 years old and originally from Sweden. Kjrllberg has been active on Youtube since 2006. He has had over 23.3 billion views over the course of his career. He also makes approximately $7 million a year from ad revenue 

Pewdiepie’s channel mainly consists of gaming videos. He plays games in vast genres including horror, adventure, multi-player, and many more. Pewdiepie also does other things on his Youtube channel such as reviews and news. 

Some popular series he has made are Meme Review, Pew News, and LWIAY, which stands for Last Week I Asked You.  Meme review is posted at the end of every month and Felix goes over the post popular memes of the month. Pew News is similar to Meme Review, but it involves more serious matters such as problems with other Youtubers. Mainly when people accuse him of doing things he did not do. LWIAY is another series where Pewdiepie goes through an app called Reddit, a website which users can post memes for others to view, and looks at memes that his viewers tag and send him. 

Felix’s most popular gaming series as of now is his Minecraft series. He started this series on June 21, 2019 and it gets millions of views on each video. This series has become so popular, Pewdiepie even made a new category of merchandise on his website for people to buy and wear. One of his most popular shirts he has sold, according to Pewdiepie himself, are the ones that say, “Protect Sven at all costs,” which is an inside joke him and his viewers say because of his minecraft dog Sven. He said if Sven dies, he would end the series. 

Pewdiepie is one of the fastest growing Youtube channels on the app, but one of his strongest competitors is T Series. An ongoing fight between them to hit 100 million subscribers went on for months until T Series hit 100 million before Pewdiepie on May 29, 2019. Pewdiepie was okay with not getting 100 million first though because he wanted to be the bigger man and be mature about his loss; however Pewdiepie hit 100 million shortly after. When he hit 100 million, his co workers, Joel and Dave, helped him make a song called “Congratulations.” They uploaded it in honor of him hitting 100 million subscribers. 

Felix and Marzia started dating in 2011. When Felix hit 100 million subscribers, he also got married to Marziz Kjellberg in the same week. Their wedding was small, but extravagant. The Kjellberg’s went on a honeymoon in Bali and Kjellberg made a vlog about all of the things they did. They stayed at very elegant hotels they went on long hikes through Bali. 

“I’m shocked that he is still on Youtube after all these years and that he is still on the top. I’m proud of him though,” Brandon Maxwell, 11.