Halloween 2019


Katelynn Hexamer

Halloween Candy

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Halloween is a popular holiday throughout the world. This year, Halloween was on a Thursday; however, the weather was frigid. The weather was in the 20’s with chill winds, snow and possible rain. Despite the freezing temperatures, people still went out and got their candy, carved pumpkins, and had lots of fun. 

One popular activity adults and kids enjoy doing in preparation for Halloween is carving pumpkins. When carving a pumpkin anyone can do whatever they like to it and express themselves through it. Even though pumpkins are fun to carve, first get out the seeds and goo inside. Some people love this part of pumpkin carving, others are grossed out by the task. Once the seeds and goo are all out, carve a pumpkin with a stencil or freehand. After carving is finished, put a candle in it and watch the creation come to life. 

Trick or Treating is loved by kids and teens throughout the world. However, when it is 32 degrees outside people tend to stay home. 

“It was literally snowing last night, of course I’m not going to go,” said Katie Stewart, 10. 

Some determined kids fought through the cold in order to get their free candy.

“Even though I couldn’t feel my hands, I got my candy and that is all that matters,” said Brandon Maxwell, 11. 

Kids have all different types of costumes. Some costume ideas for Halloween next year  could be a ghost. For the costume all that is needed is a bed sheet and some holes to see through. A more challenging Halloween costume would be a zombie. The look could have crazy cuts and bruises, lots of fake blood, and torn up clothing. Next year everyone should be prepared for the cold weather and stay warm. Whether that be layering clothing, using warm water bottles, or just staying home.  

Since it snowed on Halloween, not many people participated. Hopefully next year it will not be as freezing.