Tyler, the Creator Converse

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

Tyler, the Creator is back for another Converse shoe release. After releasing the Golf Le Fleur one stars in 2016, he has gone on to release multiple custom-designed versions of the shoe. This release, however, will incorporate the Chuck 70 model.

This version of the shoes will have his classic flame design Tyler has been using since his 2015 album, “Cherry Bomb.” The flames disappeared for a short time before a pair of shorts with design on them were put on the GolfWang.Com store and sold out immediately in August of this year. 

The bottom of the shoes will feature multiple white flowers with a red background. This keeps in tradition with the rest of the Golf Le Fleur’s which all have the same bottom of the shoe design.

These sneakers. released October 12th and are priced at $120. These shoes will sell out fast not only because they are Le Fleurs, but because they also incorporate the classic flame design that Tyler only brings out occasionally. 

As they are already sold out, you can look for them on resale sites such as Grailed or StockX.