Taco Bell

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

This weekend I was feeling a bit hungry. As I sat in my room an idea popped into my head, why don’t I go get some Taco Bell? I hopped in my car and drove over to the Taco Bell on Pendleton Pike. Here is my review of the experience I had during that trip.

When I got in the drive-thru I was greeted by a worker and ordered my food: two bean burritos and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Overall the drive-thru experience was good because there were not many people in the line. After I got my food, that is where I ran into some problems.

The bean burrito I had ordered was about 75% tortilla and 25% bean. So when I first took a bite I had to immediately take a drink because of how dry it was. That was the worst part.

I liked the rest of the meal. I think Taco Bell is a very good fast food Mexican restaurant. I also know that it is not authentic Mexican food, but I’m perfectly fine with that. All I want when I go to Taco Bell is tasty food for less than five dollars. That is what I got that day.

Overall: 8/10