New Arby’s Menu Items

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

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Hello and welcome Marauders to a new column called, “Taylor Talks.” In this column I will be giving you my opinions on any subject I find interesting or topics you suggest. 

Arby’s recently released some new limited time items on their menu. In September, I tried their new Cinnamuffins and s’mores shakes.

Since the shakes were first released, I started to get them after work anyways, so it is not that much of a hassle to buy. It also helps that I work there because I get a discount on food when I’m not working. 

Every night after work I buy three shakes and with my discount, it is only a little more than four dollars. Without the benefit of being an employee, it would cost around eight dollars a night just for the shakes. My mom would definitely not be happy. The shakes are usually $2.59 a piece, before taxes.

The s’mores shake comes with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, little marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and graham crackers. In my opinion, the shake is best when you mix all of the toppings together. Somehow, the flavor manages to take me back to those summer nights by the bonfire, with a s’more in my hand without a care in the world. 

The Cinnamuffin smells exactly like a cinnamon roll, and tastes like one too. The cinnamon tastes like straight up heaven on my tongue. It is drizzled with the same icing that goes onto the turnovers, which I have yet to try. It cost ten cents less than the shake at $2.49, before taxes.

Overall, I would say that they are both worth the money spent, and I recommend that you get at least one of them during your next visit.

You can let me know what food I should try next by messaging our instagram page @mvcurrentnewspaper, until then, so long Marauders!