IPhone 11

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

The new iPhone 11 Pro came out on September 20, 2019 and has left many people shocked. Customers are agitated by the price and the design of the phone.  The appearance of the phone is what bothers buyers the most due to the new camera installments. 

“The iPhone 11 looks like a whole spider,” said Katie Stewart,10. Stewart’s comments are an accurate representation of many customer complaints of the new iPhone.

The wide camera is 26mm wide and is great for optical image stability. It also has 100% accuracy on eliminating pixels on the phone’s photo. The ultrawide camera is 13mm wide and has a field of view of 120 feet. The telephoto camera is similar to the wide camera exempt it is 52 mm in focal length. The telephoto has optical image stability and can focus pixels like the wide camera. 

The size of the phone itself is 5.8 inches in diameter. The price of an iPhone 11 Pro is $1,099 and that comes with three cameras, compared to a normal iPhone 11 which is $999 and only has two cameras. The price difference is about $100, which can be difficult for some buyers to get. The battery life on The iPhone 11 is about 18 hours of video playback and 11 hours if owners stream. The phone also charges faster than the other iPhones. 

Many people do not like the look of the phone and that is stopping them from buying it. 

 Even though the iPhone is designed differently from the other iPhones, the most notable difference is the new quality of the cameras. Despite the improved cameras, the appearance is what is unsettling to the buyers. 

Even though the look is bothersome to some buyers, customers are still purchasing the phone for the improved cameras and to have the best up to date phone.