Air Force Stays At Trump Resorts in Scotland

Cade Clark , Staff Writer

On September 9, the United States Air Force ordered a review of all international layover stays after some members of the Air Force stayed at President Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland. These layovers were made by crew members of the Air Force while refueling. They are controversial due to the government’s usage of the President’s private properties. 

The United States Air Force released information saying that they have made use of President Trump’s Scotland resort at least 40 times since 2015. This means that the visits stretched even into President Obama’s presidency. The information given does not show how many of these visits took place during President Trump’s presidency, raising more questions. 

“Since 2015, the service has lodged crews in the area 659 times,” according to a report by Politico, an American journalism company stated. If you do the math, that means about 6% of the stays were made at Trump’s Turnberry resort. According to CNN, the Air Force’s initial response to staying there was that it was cheaper to lodge crews in there than a nearby Marriott.

President Trump has denied having knowledge of the Air Force staying at the Turnberry resort which he owns, but does praise them for having “good taste,” for staying at the resort by choice.