New Minecraft Update

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

The game Minecraft made a comeback in early 2019. Since Minecraft’s audience is

thriving once again, the developers decided to throw in a few new updates. 

A major update is village and pillage where the player is able to get more trades and loot from villagers. The pillage part of the game is because of the new mob called raiders. These monsters are spawned near villages when a player is in their territory. The raiders will start a raid and kill all of the villagers. 

When the players are involved in a raid, they have to go through waves. The waves differ based on what the player sets the difficulty as. On easy mode has three levels, on normal mode there are five, and on hard mode there are seven. Each level has different and stronger monsters that the player has to fight. If the player successfully defeats the raid, they will earn an achievement. The reward the player will receive is great loot that the mobs drop, or a discount on the village trades. 

Since Minecraft released that update, and since it was a major one, they worked on a small project as well. This one had hundreds of popular reviews. The new update is the bee update. Mojang, the owner of Minecraft, said that they added bees to the game to spread awareness to the fact that the bee population is slowly dying 

In game the bees are able to fly around and pollinate flowers. The bees have hives which allow the player to become a beekeeper and harvest honey. The bees are relatively docile mobs and do not attack unless they are hit or if the player breaks their beehive. Similar to the wolf mob, the bees attack in packs, so if the player hits one they all attack the player. 

The update brought a couple new blocks to the game, such as the beehive, the beekeeper block, and honeycomb. The honeycomb allows the player to eat it and regenerates four hunger bars. 

The new 1.15 Minecraft update is out as of December 12, 2018. Players say that the update is game changing and that they enjoy the game more now. The added blocks, mobs, and monsters in the game can change a lot for the player, and add more things for them to do.

 “The bees added to the game is ridiculously adorable,” said Katie Stewart, 10.