Marauder Mystery Kickoff


Evelyn Wilson

Marauder Mysteries

Emerson Bridgewater, Sports Staff Writer


Mt. Vernon has a new club by the name of Marauder Mystery. What is Marauder Mystery you may ask?

“Marauder Mystery is a club where we try to get to the bottom of mysteries within the school. As well as mysteries, we also try to solve real life murder mysteries that students in the group want to attempt to solve,” said Mr. Clarkson.

Mr. Clarkson is the founder of the club. The club was created after Mr. Clarkson started a mystery spoon scavenger hunt in his class. The scavenger hunt was a hit and sparked up an idea for a scavenger hunt club in the school.

“I’m most looking forward to getting kids excited to solve mysteries and conspiracy theories that they are interested in. But more importantly, getting them excited for school and being apart of something bigger than themselves,” said Mr. Clarkson.

The founders and officers of the club are Gavin Blankenship, Bronte Davidson, Emerson Bridgewater, Madison King, Mallerie Chavez and Abigail Dickey.