Allison’s Adventures in Underland

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

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The book “Alison’s Adventures in Underland” is written by C.M. Stunich. There are three books to the series, and  its is a mix of genres that includes romance, adventure and mystery. This book is directed more towards young adults and adults. There are over 200 pages and it is an easy read even for people who may not be fans of reading.

The book is similar to the original “Alice in Wonderland.” Instead of everything being easy and for the most part peaceful like in Wonderland, in Underland everything is dark, twisted and evil. Allison, who refuses to go by Alice, falls down the rabbit hole as the story begins. 

The characters from the original book are also in Underland except they are all human and have different personalities. Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Mad Hatter, and many more are still present throughout the book, and actually are the main characters in “Allison’s Adventures in Underland.” Tweedledum, who goes by Tee, is a smart and controlled character, as for his brother Tweedledee, who goes by Dee, he is  a carefree and funny character. The Mad Hatter is obviously mad.

One of the things that Allison has to go through is shrinking to get into the small door. The potion that is labeled “drink me to shrink” is missing so Dee, Tee, and Allison have to take the long way to the King’s palace. Some of the crazy things she encounters during her journey to the King’s palace are the Jabberwackey, a Jubjub bird, and many other evil and crazy creatures. 

Overall, I would rate this book a 9/10. The reason for this rating is because it is easy to understand, the characters all have good development, and the setting is very creative. The reason why it is not a 10/10 because it uses vulgar language when it is not necessary.