The Lewis Twins: A Football Life


Sam Robert-Eze

The Twins

Emerson Bridgewater, Sports Staff Writer

There are many brother duos in the NFL,The Kelce brothers, Griffin brothers, McCourty brothers, Long brothers, and of course the Manning brothers. MV has their own set of brothers as well: the Lewis brothers.

Austin Lewis is a senior at MV. He started playing football at the age of 5.

“I love the physicality of the game of football,” said Austin. “I love just going out there and being able to do what I do without any thought.”

Ashton Lewis is also a senior at MV. He started playing football in first grade, and has been playing ever since.

“I love that I get to play under the lights in front of tons of people and show off all of the hard work I put in to my game,” said Ashton.

With hard work comes preparation. Most players have some kind of specialized pregame warmup or ritual that they do before every game.

“I first start off in the locker room by listening to the music that reminds me of who I am playing for and why I need to be successful,” said Austin. “Secondly, I make sure that my team is also focused and ready to play because this game is a team effort and it does not matter if I have the best game of my life, if they are not ready it is all for nothing.”

Memories of moments on the field can last a lifetime. Although they come and go, the big ones are the ones you never forget.

“My most memorable moment would be my sophomore year intercepting a ball and running it back for 80 yards,” said Ashton. 

Sometimes, a big moment on the field can bring you out of a slump of bad games. That one play can rewrite your entire rest of the season.

“My most memorable moment throughout my football career is my pick six after having a few bad games before, it made me feel back into a place where I was supposed to be at and it is a feeling that can not be replaced,” said Austin.

A role model when playing throughout high school and college can be a great way for a player to compare their game to someone at the highest level of the sport and help reach goals and define who they want to be as a player. 

“Jalen Ramsey is my NFL idol. He is just somewhat like me when it comes to his work ethic and his trash talk on the field,” said Austin.

The Lewis brothers plan on continuing their education and football career in the Air Force.