Ginger by Brockhampton

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

American “boyband” Brockhampton has released their 5th studio album “Ginger.” A year after they kicked out founding member Ameer Vann, and the release of their 4th studio album “Iridescence,” Brockhampton has been quiet. That is until a video announcing that “Ginger,” would be coming in August 2019 popped up on the band’s Instagram in July.

The six performers of the group each shine during this album. The members are Kevin Abstract, Dom Mclennon, Merlyn Wood, Matt Champion, Joba, and Bearface. Featured on the album are Deb Never, Victor Roberts, Slowthai, and Ryan Beaty.

The first track of the album is easily one of the best. “No Halo,” featuring Deb Never, is a very emotional track where various members talk about their mental health and relationship with God. I like this track because the sound is different than normal Brockhampton songs, which are very upbeat and high-energy.

Another track I love is “Sugar.” It is a typical love song with each boy telling someone they love to, “love them right so they can love them right.” I like it because of its the sound of the track as it has 2000’s pop record.

I really like this album, however, songs like “Ginger” and “I’ve Been Born Again,” are some of my least favorite songs.

“It’s an incredible album,” said, Aiden Carver, 11.

It is a top three Brockhampton album for me and it is very enjoyable.