Lunch Changes

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Since last year, there have been some small, noticeable changes to the prices of school lunches. This school year, school lunch prices have increased and students are using ID cards to purchase food. 

Lunch price last year was $2.95, but this year prices have increased. It may be a small difference, but the digits add up at the end of the year.

 “The change in price was because of the fresh fruit, food, and vegetables the school is buying,” said Nancy Fentz

 In addition to the price change, students are also using their ID’s to pay for lunch this year.

“It was a security reason, but it was really up to the board who made the decision,” said Fentz.

One reason that we are using ID cards is because it will speed up the buying process. 

Students are constantly complaining of the ID cards and how they forget it and how they do not like the way it ruins their outfits. Many students do not like wearing the ID cards. 

“Of course I don’t. I don’t think anyone really does, they just shove them in their pocket and don’t think twice about them,” said Brandon Maxwell.

The administration will be keeping students updated with the usage of ID cards.