Flower Boy Album Review

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

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  Once in a lifetime, an artist releases an album that changes the way they are looked at by the mass media. The biggest example of this is Tyler, The Creator’s 2017 Album, Flower Boy

The album starts off with one of my favorite tracks, “Foreword:” where Tyler raps about his fears of death and if anyone would anyone really care or if his friends just use him for his fame. I really liked the instrumentation on this album, as it is very unorthodox. It is all produced by Tyler.

  Another standout track is, “See You Again.” This track is heavily implied to be about another male, who is still unknown today, who Tyler is in love with. This male only exists in his imagination. This is the most popular song on Flower Boy with over 100 million streams and counting on Spotify. 

   My personal favorite track on the album is “Garden Shed.” I like it because of its lyrics which heavily imply Tyler is coming out of the closet. He references fellow musician, Frank Ocean, who came out as bisexual in 2012 in the verse, “Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase thought it’d be like the Frank, poof, gone but, it’s still goin’ on.” It also features British singer Estelle singing the intro with a beautiful guitar riff that begins the song. 

  The song that shows Tyler at his most open is, “911/Mr.Lonely,” a song where Tyler opens up about how lonely he is and how his loud, immature behavior is a result of his isolation.

The final track that standouts is, “November,” where Tyler expresses his fears of falling off, his friends leaving him because of the subject matter he talked about in “Garden Shed,” and how he wishes he could go back to November, which is the moment in his life where he is the happiest.

   Overall this album is one of the most beautiful, personal albums in music history. This album was met with critical and commercial success, with most people calling it the best album of 2017. 

   “It was very groovy and that he liked it,” said, Johnathan Tunstill, 11. 

I think it is the best album ever, and I can never go a month without listening to this album. It is truly a masterpiece.

Overall Rating: 10/10