State Fair

Zyaria Hatcher , Staff Writer

Come one, come all as the old saying goes. This year the Indiana State Fair returned for 17 days of fun from Aug. 2-18. I had the chance to go, and had a blast. From the hair-raising rides, to the delicious food, it was a great experience for my first time going. 

I went with a friend and when we first arrived I thought it was going to be packed. but it was very easy to find a parking spot and the security line moved fast. We purchased the all ride access wristbands so we had access to ride all the rides without spending a bunch of money on the tickets. 

I wanted to go on Tuesday, due to their $2 Tuesday because the food is cheaper, but I didn’t have the opportunity to go. The food at the fair was delicious and they had a variety of items from fried Oreos to fried butter, which kind of tasted like a really buttery roll. It was too much butter and gross. 

The first thing we did was go on The Skyline. Due to my acrophobia, which is a fear of heights, I panicked for the first two minutes, but then calmed down. I realized that if I went down, my friend would be going down with me too, so it made me feel better. 

The Skyline took me from one side of the fairground to the other for only $6 per person. After we got off the skyline, we went to the ferris wheel and rode it a couple of times to try to help me get over my fear of heights. It didn’t help too much.

¨I went to the state fair and I had a blast, the only downside is that you have to come early because around 8 and 9 the lines get super long,̈  said Gabriella Corrales, 11. 

Next, we rode the Ring of Fire and it was horrifying. I sat in a race car with other passengers, and would go in a loop which hangs upside down for a while, and then goes racing back down. I was screaming the whole time, but when it was over I wanted to ride it again. The rides were a blast, but when it got to be near 8 p.m. the lines started getting longer and the fair was growing more crowded.

 There was a lot to see,  and I even got to pet a llama, goat, and a horse. We also got to see some large horses at the Smithsonian exhibit. I am super stoked for next year’s fair.