Senior reflection 2019

Joan Lee, MVC Features editor

Four years of high school seemed to have passed by in a blink of an eye. It feels like yesterday when I walked into the high school building as a freshman, having a glimpse of it during eighth grade.

I do not regret much of my high school experience. I believe that I enjoyed it to the extent that I could.

However, I do regret that I did not do all that I wanted to do, and these are activities I could have done. I do regret not joining newspaper earlier because my writing would have improved so much faster and I would have been able to meet with Mrs. Schiller earlier. I do regret not being in a musical. I could have been in a musical, but I rejected my first role and never auditioned for a musical again in my high school career.

Why did I not join these amazing activities? I will admit that part of it was due to fear of my parents’ disappointment. Even as a seventeen-year-old, I was nervous about disappointing my parents by not focusing on my academics.

However, as an eighteen-year-old, I want to say: do whatever you can to the point that you will not regret it. If you feel as though you might regret something, do not do it. If you feel as though you will regret it if you do not partake in an activity, please do it. Four years will pass by in a flash as it did for me.