Venezuelan coup

Rex Snow, MVC news editor

The opposition party of the Venezuelan government led by Juan Guaidó had tired to start a rebellion. Protesting soldiers and national guardsmen stood by his side against the president Nicolás Maduro. Many of Maduro’s commanders and high ranking soldiers aided the opposition against the president.

The goal of the attack was to takeover a military base in the the capital, Carcas. The attack of such would be used to raise the morale of the protesting soldiers and citizens against President Maduro.  However, this did not work out as the military base was not captured. Guaidó believes that he overestimated support for the uprising.

 An armoured vehicle was recorded accelerating into a group of protestors. Tear gas was also denoted near the base where 200 people have been located. Mr. Guaido did not get a majority of people to switch sides. Anti-government protesters clashed with the president’s military and conflict ended with 69 people injured.

“I think an attempted coup like this is a result of instability in the region,” said Connor Hoffman, 12. “There will probably be more acts of violence like this as long as Venezuela continues to have these political issues.”

The American administration came out in support of the opposition, as the United States has challenged the authority of Maduro in the past. The current administration sees Maduro as a enemy to the nation, as he is anti-imperialist and goes against America’s national interests