DIY muscle tee


Since Indiana is finally beginning to get out of its winter-during-spring phrase, it is time to get out of long sleeves and sweaters. This is where muscle tees come in.

However, if you do not own any muscle tees, it is very simple to create your own DIY muscle tee.

The supplies needed are a T-shirt and a pair of scissors. I would recommend using an old T-shirt that you would still wear and a sharp pair of scissors.

First, lay the T-shirt face-up on a flat surface. The armholes should not be uneven in size.

Next, cut small slits with your scissors into the sides of the T-shirt. This is for how big you want the armholes to be. If you prefer thicker straps, cut close to the top of the sleeve. If you prefer deeper armholes, cut a slit further down the side of the T-shirt.

Then, cut to connect the two slits on one of the sides. Do the same for the other side. It is best to have a slight curve when cutting from one slit to the other to create your armholes.

Next, flip the muscle tee inside out to stretch the new armholes. This will make it more informal than it already is and hide any sloppy cuts. If you prefer a neater muscle tee look, you can trim any loose threads you see from your cuts.

Finally, turn the shirt right side out for your new muscle tee.

If these directions did not really help, try this LaurDIY tutorial.

You are ready to sport your DIY muscle tee on any warm day.