May Horoscopes

Emme Longman, MVC Editor in Chief

Aries: Tell your mom about your plans ahead of time, don’t spring them on her.

Taurus: AP season is alive and real, and oversnacking will not make you feel better.

Gemini: Get more educated on a topic before you preach about it.

Cancer: Enjoy what is left of your classes.

Leo: When you hear that heart snap, it means you’re done.

Virgo: Charge your chromebook, it’s getting pretty pathetic.

Libra: Clean your room, stop throwing things on the floor.

Scorpio: Vaping is NOT WATER VAPOR.

Sagittarius: Waiting until the last day to do your work will give you way more stress than just doing it.

Capricorn: Please brush your hair, we are not done with school yet.

Aquarius: Start looking for jobs now, before all the college kids take them.

Pisces: You put effort in your appearance and it shows!