College conundrum

Rex Snow, MVC News Editor

Over the past couple of months, an investigation over a massive college admission scam took place. Fifty or more people from wealthy families have allegedly been involved in a scheme of cheating on standardized tests, as well as bribing college coaches and school officials to accept student as a college athletes. Some of the accepted students had never even played the sport.

Among those charged are two SAT/ACT administrators, a college administrator, an exam proctor, nine coaches at elite schools, and a CEO who admitted to helping families get their kids into the colleges.

The entire scam was orchestrated by William Rick Singer, a CEO of college admission prep company named The Key. Singer pleaded guilty to four charges related to the investigation.

What the parents did was an absolute disgrace,” said Hanna Jones, 12. “Their actions are fundamentally in conflict with the idea of meritocracy.”

Parents paid between $15,000 and $75,000 per test to have their children receive a better score. The administrators of the children were reportedly bribed by Singer. Furthermore a third party took the test secretly in the students’ places. The bribes were disguised as charitable contributions to a nonprofit organization called Key Worldwide Foundation.

Mark Riddell, one of those accused of being responsible for the scandal, told the prosecutor’s via his attorneys, “I want to communicate to everyone that I am profoundly sorry for the damage I have done and grief I have caused those as a result of my needless actions.”

Many universities have responded to the scandal.

The University of California is investigating anyone from the university who may be implicated in the scandal. Furthermore, UC Berkeley said it is investigating a former student who may have submitted a fraudulent SAT score. Stanford University has fired John Vandemoer,  previous head sailing coach who has plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy.

As the investigation continues, more will information will be revealed.