Mrs. Terrell’s child review

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Mrs. Terrell, a social studies teacher here at Mt. Vernon, had a child who has caused her absence over the past months. Now that Mrs. Terrell has returned, we can finally get a monumental review with her take on her infant. You may be wondering to yourself: how are you going to review this child? Well, we can compare her to other children of similar age and the national average.

Mrs. Terrell has decided upon the name Evalyn for her daughter. She is often referred to as Evie. Despite being nicknamed Evie, she is not named to refer to the Pokemon of the same name. This was disappointing news to me, and I am sure that many can relate to this sentiment.

So far, Evalyn is getting better at drinking milk out of the bottle. On March 27th, Evalyn drank four separate gulps of milk in the morning. This set a new record for her, one I am sure she has beaten over the recent weeks. Along with learning to drink milk, she was vaccinated on April 4.

A big incident in her life thus far would be the malleability of her head. Her head is not very resistant to physical pressure yet, and to prevent anything bad from happening, she has to wear a helmet at all times. It is not yet certain how much longer she should wear this helmet.

Overall, Mrs. Terrell’s child has a great name, and that is pivotal for a baby these days. As babies have no perceived personality in my humble opinion, a name acts as a replacement for that, and a good name is the equivalent to a great personality. I believe, for the most part, Evalyn is in the upper half of all infants. I am going to give her a strong eight to a light nine out of ten.

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